We went to Hawaii!

My husband Kevin and I just got back from a trip to Oahu and Maui. And wow. Did we fall in love with Hawaii. 

The lush flora (the opposite of our Arizona desert!) and jumping in the ocean at any time has got us hooked. Oh, and the food....! Poke, shave ice, tropical fruits, fresh fish. It's heavenly. 

Just sharing a few photos of our trip below. 


This was our favorite beach, Waimanalo beach on Oahu. 


I'm also doing 8 days of Hawaiian #100dailywalks for my #100dayproject over on Instagram since I couldn't bring my computer (and didn't want to.. vacay baby!) to Hawaii and we spent 8 days there. Today I illustrated spam musubi. I didn't eat one (I'm not into mystery meats), although Kevin did. I did, however, ate my weight in poke bowls. :)