The 100 Day Project

So a couple of months back, (ok 5 months ago) I had made a resolution on a post about wanting to experiment and discover where I was headed as a creative and for my business. In that post I suggested to myself about trying the #100dayproject, this daily challenge creatives do for 100 days like drawing, photographing, etc. (started by Michael Beirut). 

Well, I finally started. It's all on Instagram folks. I don't know what took so long. I guess I was pretty busy (but who isn't?) these last few months. But I think deep down, and this happens a lot with other designers, is not wanting to put out something into the world that isn't perfect. Or that isn't perfectly "on brand". So I dragged my feet about it and put it off. 

But then I realized that doing nothing is even worse. So I just decided to start. Here's a recap of the first week:

The theme I decided on is #100dailywalks. I did this because I wanted variety and it's something I do every day, hopefully giving me enough inspiration to last me 100 days. Since I live in Arizona, there's gonna be a lotttt of cactus. But I've got some fun trips this summer (since who wants to be in Phoenix in the summer?) like Hawaii, Boston and Michigan.

My review so far of this project? It's a lot of work but I'm so happy I started. I still have this urge to make the illustrations "perfect" and spend more time on them than I should. However, I know that the more I practice each day, the quicker and more confident I'll get on each illustration (and that's the point, right?). Celebrate the process!

Follow along on Instagram @bearseatberries. It's gonna be a funnnn summer!