Oh hey, an update

I definitely have not been posting much on my blog and here's the reason. I mainly update on Instagram. (Like a lot of peeps are doing these days). But I will try my best to periodically add to this blog and give more in depth posts here. 

If you follow me on Insta, you can see that I have been busy since I posted last on the blog. I worked with some absolutely wonderful clients on creating brands or updating their brands- many of which you can see here

Copper Lane Cafe Logo
geometric business cards
bobbi + patrick online boutique store logo

I've also had an exciting project wrapped up recently where one of my illustrations will be on nationwide packaging! Can't wait to reveal that one.

And lastly, I've been experimenting lately with some pattern designs for the little ones.

bunny pattern onesie design
cactus pattern onesie design
ducks and flowers onesie pattern design

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what to do with them. Creating actual onesies is harder than it looks, especially for overall patterns like I have. But I love doing them so I'll just keep experimenting and researching. 

I'm in this mode of experimentation and seeing what sticks. Experimenting with style, experimenting with mediums, and experimenting with design directions. When you have so many different passions for design and illustration, it's hard to just choose one path, right?

Jewelry collaboration logo

Working with the lovely Christine of Abacus Row in the past has always been a blast. I did a couple of postcards and a lookbook with her and they turned out beautifully. We share that same minimal aesthetic and are on the same wave length when it comes to design. Her pieces are my go-to staples when I wear jewelry since they're subtle and delicate.

She recently got in touch with me to help her out with a collaboration logo for her and fellow San Francisco jewelry designer Christy Natsumi. These two women created a stunning collaborated jewelry line called ARCN (Abacus Row/Christine Natsumi). 

They wanted something minimal and on brand with both of their jewelry lines. Taking cue of their pieces from the collection, I designed something solid but light and delicate with angular lines. Since the logo could be scaled down to fit on the jewelry tag or scaled up for marketing materials, simplicity won out (doesn't it tend to always win?). And I'm thrilled how it turned out:

[Photos credits: Casey Fyfe  CaCas, courtesy of Abacus Row and Christy Natsumi. Bottom photo courtesy of Abacus Row.]