A fun and intimate wedding invitation

I'm back! I took a hiatus (ok a LONG hiatus) on this blog for several different reasons but mainly being that I was working on designing a new site for Bears Eat Berries. Sorry I've been bad. But I promise to make it up to you now.

And hopefully it'll be better than ever. I'll keep posting mainly (hopefully regularly) on updates sneak peeks, shop sales, and the occasional "this is my life" post.

First up though, a super fun wedding invitation that I designed for my dear dear friends, Joanna (JoJo) and Johnny. Johnny and I went to design school together back when we were babies and he, JoJo and I all became fast friends. 

A little back story of JoJo and Johnny. They are high school sweethearts! When they (finally) decided to get married this Fall, they wanted an intimate and casual celebration on the Cape where they spend their summers. 

We had discussed that since it's a casual gathering, they didn't want anything traditional or fussy. They wanted to use their wedding colors - navy and coral - love handwritten type and have a thing for ampersands. Other than that, they (perhaps foolishly muhaha) let me run wild! 

I came up with this concept where the invitation would be a fun, casual experience to the guest. By folding up the invitation and using the invitation itself as the "envelope", the guest would unfold the invitation, and at each unfold, a new experience would occur:

The front and back of the invitation. The front provided the address and postage. On the back, the guest rips open the return address sticker on the back, unfold and see this:

Then, at the final unfolding...

Voila! I'm so pleased at how these turned out and had a blast doing an untraditional type of invite. Especially for two of my favorite people. Congrats JoJo and Johnny!


A DC couple with a Sense of Humor

When I sold my stationery at Eastern Market in Washington, DC, I sold these letterpress postcards that wrote, "Greetings from the 51st State!" (Yep, DC is has a big following for statehood. Taxation without Representation baby!)

One day at the market a couple came by my booth and picked one of them up and said, "There are perfect! Can we use these for our Save the Dates?"

Yes, yes you can! And I love how these turned out. They wanted something simple, bold and, obviously, reflective of the postcard. 

Congratulations Erin and Anne!