Happy Fall!

My favorite days are those crisp, sweater-wearing Autumnal ones with cider doughnuts and apples. During this time of the year, I long for those days since it's something we don't really get here in Phoenix. It's mid-October and still 95 degrees! I've had enough heat for the year, thank you very much. 


I am learning the wonderful world of After Effects lately and it's been SO fun to bring my illustrations to life. I'm still a newbie, but even with some rudimentary skills, it makes for a fun experience. 

Happy Fall everyone! Enjoy those pumpkin-spiced everythings and crisp, cool air. 

New Pattern Designs

I've been experimenting more with patterns and illustrations which has been a blast. It's funny, I am such a minimalist in so many ways - why would I be into patterns so much (with so much color to boot)? Patterns can get busy so quickly and I almost never wear them myself or have them in my home.

However, when these patterns or illustrations are for kids, it somehow works for me. I can bring out my inner silly child. It just flows naturally to me. Kid clothing and decor is supposed to be fun and whimsical. Plus it gives a "home" to my illustrations - my awkward animals have to live somewhere, right? :)


I would LOVE to outfit my nieces and nephew in these, but for now, they'll just have to live in mockup world. 

peeking cats
balloon animal
circles pattern
cats pattern